We compile, prepare and translate your safety data sheets

We also offer Sensor-abonnent chemical archive for internet, and the computer program Sensor-chemdoc for preparation of safety data sheets.

Compilation of safety data sheets

We compille and quality control safety data sheets according to the European CLP regulations and REACH Annex II. By using our system, Sensor-chemdoc, we deliver high quality MSDS. You can find examples of our compiled Material Safety Data Sheets in the Sensor-portal. Click here for prices and information.

New: Colors customized to company profile, see examples 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

   Order online: Production and compilation of MSDS. Prices from €160,- More information ...

Chemical archive with risk analysis module

We offer the chemical archive Sensor-abonnent with customized functionality, simple or advanced - your choice. Sensor-abonnent is used by our customers for 20 years and includes all the features you need to handle chemicals in a safe and proper manner.
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Training consists primarily of video films that are available under the help menu in the system. If desired we also hold on-site training in the use of the chemical archive, chemical regulations and safety data sheets.


Many companies want to outsource the operation of the chemical archive, we have long experience with this. Please contact us for more information.

Chemical system for manufacturers and suppliers

Sensor-chemdoc is a tool for the preparation of safety data sheets, classification, hazard labeling, automatic   generation of safety data sheets and much more. The system has been in use by chemical suppliers for more than 25 years.   Please contact us by phone or or click here for more information

For information on how to use Sensor-chemdoc and the KBU module for the preparation of safety data sheets click here.

Chemical related services

We offer courses and training in current regulations, and the use of our system. Distribution of material safety data sheets. Translation and quality control of MSDS's. Chemical consulting and substituion of chemicals.